It's for everyone, on every road!

The fact that CoDrive was born from the experience of a professional driver (multiple rally champion), who wanted to create a “virtual co-driver”, does not mean that it is aimed at the racing world at all! Indeed, if anything, the opposite is true: CoDrive intends to bring the racing experience to “normal” worlds, making driving safer for all categories of drivers: cars and motorcycles, for both expert and non-expert users. In summary: it allows everyone to have real-time information useful for tackling the next bends in a safer way, as if you already knew them, indicating their degree and danger and assessing whether you are tackling them with the right operating speed current road conditions (e.g. dry or wet).

What does CoDrive offer?

First of all, CoDrive offers you a navigation APP that provides directions on curves (symbol of the category on the map and voice prompt, for example “attention, right hairpin bend at 100 metres!”).
It allows two modes of use: “route mode” (with starting and arrival points, and automatic calculation of the optimal route that joins them) and “free driving” (which is activated automatically, without having to specify departure and arrival).

For motorcyclists, a version is available that provides vocal indications not only via the helmet speakers (in Bluetooth communication with the smartphone), but also, optionally, on the HUD (“head up display”), for some enabled headsets.

In addition, CoDrive also offers you the tools (SDK) to integrate it into your systems!

Assisted navigation solutions, for end users
  • driver  (both “basic” and “experts”)
  • rider (both “basic” and “experts”)

Algorithms and solutions for the analysis of driving behavior, aimed at "suppliers / service providers"

  •  Fleet  managers (company fleets, rentals, etc.)
  • Telematic insurance
  • Vehicle manufacturers (for support to ADAS systems, integration into infotainment systems)/em>)

SDKs (Software Development Toolkits)

allows you to integrate the CoDrive algorithms and the various services (e.g.: calculation of the “score”, “driving report”, etc.) in third-party applications (e.g.: other navigation APPs, solutions for analyzing driving styles, fleet management solutions, infotainment systems, etc.)