CoDrive Tells You The Curve!

Would you like to drive on every road as if you’ve always known it? This is the solution!


It’s more than a navigator: it’s your virtual driving assistant, which enhances the navigator by adding, to the directions on the route, the vocal indication of the gradation and dangerousness of the upcoming curves.



13 times Italian Rally Champion

Driving instructor

Rally del Ciocco 2014. I’m in the race.
“I arrive from an extension downhill at about 150/160 km / h
My co-driver, Anna, reads: “300 meters of extension: attention right three curve dangerous for left hairpin”.

I arrive very fast in fifth gear, strong brake because the co-driver is there to remind me. I do the right three curve well in third gear, I pull the handbrake in the left hairpin in “brushed rally” and go away safely and precisely.


Whenever i pass by there, I see that guard rail on “right three” curve which is always marked by accidents of drivers who are surprised by the lack of knowledge of the road, and I say to myself: “Ah, if they had had a co-driver …”

And here’s the idea!

I decide to cooperate with a team of IT experts and in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms and I use my experience to transfer it to a digital solution, available to everyone!

As a professional rally driver ,i use a co-driver because I want to go fast, but an “automatic co-driver” can be used in ALL vehicles, for more valid reasons such as: safety, to drive better, to consume less … Because “know it means facing the road better“.

Codrive is born!

Try the CoDrive experience

Boost your Navigator!

CoDrive makes you feel safer behind the wheel, helps you improve your driving style and saves you money too!
greater security
With CoDrive, drivers can feel more confident behind the wheel, especially when driving on unfamiliar roads, or at night or in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow)
By following all the indications that CoDrive provides you in order to take the bends in the best possible way, you can greatly reduce fuel consumption (or even more battery consumption, if the vehicle is electric) and reduce wear and tear on the vehicle
CoDrive also allows you to share your performance with other registered members, creating a ranking for the most responsible driver, the most ecological one, the one with the best combination of safety and economy…


Con le informazioni fornite da CoDrive e arricchite dalla sua Community ogni percorsa sarà come averlo sempre conosciuto With the information provided by CoDrive and enriched by its Community, every journey will be like having always known it!

Three Different Algorithms to be more effective


Codrive incorporates three different patented algorithms, developed in collaboration with the Perceptive Robotics laboratory of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna in Pisa, absolutely unique in the sector

CoDrive is of great help in all conditions of poor visibility.

We can definitely say that we have developed an outstanding thing for fog cases. The mere fact of knowing in advance which way the curve is turning attracts the driver’s attention, leading him to focus both his gaze in the right direction and the trajectory and consequently the approach to the curve.

Imagine being without visibility or almost:

Could you need a system that warns you of the approaching curve and its gradation and danger?
We designed and built this system! It is a real step forward towards safety, which can rightly be considered a support for future autonomous driving systems (“ADAS”)
All of them have their advantages and peculiarities. After several km of tests we have managed to develop a system that is easy to use, but above all useful in difficult conditions that have always intimidated any driver.

CoDrive & Forcite

A strategic collaboration has been launched with the Australian company Forcite, known in the field of “smart” helmets for being one of the most advanced in the sector. Its helmets are a concentrate of technologies: soon (Q1 2023) our system will also be part of it!

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