CoDrive in all conditions of poor visibility is a great help.

We can definitely say that we have developed an outstanding thing for fog cases. The mere fact of knowing in advance which way the curve is turning attracts the driver’s attention, leading him to focus both his gaze in the right direction and the trajectory and consequently the approach to the curve.

Imagine that you are without visibility:

Could you need a system that warns you of the approaching curve and its gradation and danger?
We have found it! It is a real step forward towards safety and in these conditions a real potential help to the "ADAS".
All of them have their advantages and peculiarities. After several km of tests we have managed to develop a system that is easy to use, but above all useful in difficult conditions that have always intimidated any driver.

What do those who have tried it say?

We have handpicked a select group of people, here are their comments….
Barbara A. : He had no idea what Codrive was driving in the fog and getting used to the system in 2km, he picks up the pace and drives. Federico, her husband, takes Codrive away from her: and with the usual tone that only we men know: “ PUT IT BACK ON IMMEDIATELY! …..”
It really helped me even on a road I thought I knew, in the fog I found myself lost, with Codrive another guide
Paolo G