Who Is Codrive For

Enhance Your Driving Experience!

Imagine a world where every road trip is guided by the experience and expertise of a rally champion. This is what CoDrive offers – but not just for racers! CoDrive, created by an award-winning rally driver, is your virtual co-pilot, designed to enhance the safety of every driver, regardless of their experience.

Drive Safely

Whether you’re behind the wheel of a car or riding a motorcycle, CoDrive provides you with real-time vital information to drive safely on everyday roads. It’s like knowing every turn before you reach it, with details on its shape and danger level, and suggestions on the optimal speed based on road conditions, whether you’re on dry or wet asphalt.

CoDrive is for everyone, on every road. Whether you’re an experienced driver or a beginner, it helps you make more informed decisions, enhancing your safety and that of others. Racing technology, now available for every journey.

Drive smart and safe

CoDrive transforms every journey into a unique and safe experience with its cutting-edge navigation app. This app is more than just a GPS; it’s a digital co-pilot that guides you through challenging curves, providing clear and timely instructions like “caution, right hairpin turn in 100 meters!”, both visually on the map and through voice commands.

Flexibility is key with CoDrive. Choose between “route mode,” ideal for planned trips with a defined itinerary, and “free drive,” perfect for those who enjoy adventure without a specific destination, automatically activating to accompany you wherever you go.

For motorcyclists, CoDrive goes even further. In addition to receiving voice directions through Bluetooth-connected helmet speakers, CoDrive offers an advanced option with the HUD (head-up display) visor, compatible with select helmet models, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road without distractions.

But CoDrive doesn’t stop there. It also offers powerful SDK tools to integrate this groundbreaking technology into your systems, taking safety and innovation to the next level.

With CoDrive, every journey becomes safer, more intuitive, and a pleasure to drive.

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