Parameters evaluated and risk factors assessed by CoDrive's driving style evaluation engine:

Advanced driving style assessment with CoDrive: tailored safety and efficiency

CoDrive’s evaluation system is a sophisticated algorithm that analyzes various driving parameters, assigning scores to assess not only behavior on individual road segments but also the entire route. This approach provides a comprehensive and detailed picture of driving quality.

The most important parameter is the speed maintained in each curve, compared to an optimal range defined for each curve category. Deviations from the optimal threshold result in negative scores, which increase as the deviation from the threshold grows.

To promote both safety and fuel efficiency, CoDrive also evaluates excessively low speed, which can indicate suboptimal acceleration management when exiting a curve, impacting both safety and fuel consumption.

The readings for each curve are classified into different error categories, displayed in a color-coded route report, ranging from green for correctly navigated curves to black for severe errors.

CoDrive combines individual scores, assigning different weights depending on the curve category and the severity of the error. Additionally, external conditions, such as bad weather, can amplify the penalties.

These behaviors are analyzed and evaluated, assigning scores that are inversely proportional to the detected excess.
CoDrive also monitors distractions, such as manual cell phone use while driving, considered critical indicators of unsafe driving behaviors. This is possible through the detection of "distractions", defined as the number of "cell phone events" detected by the system as "handled manually" (e.g., making a call without using hands-free, indicating the driver was holding the phone).
A crucial element evaluated by CoDrive is the curvature of each curve along the route. This parameter helps determine the level of difficulty and the driving technique required to navigate each curve safely. CoDrive analyzes curvature to provide precise guidance on steering, speed, and vehicle positioning, optimizing both safety and driving efficiency relative to the specific shape of the curve.
CoDrive carefully evaluates sudden vehicle movements, which can indicate unsafe maneuvers or excessive reactions. These movements are monitored to identify potential hazards or risky driving behaviors. The system analyzes the frequency and severity of such movements to provide targeted feedback that helps correct potentially dangerous driving habits, promoting smoother and more controlled driving.

Improve your driving safety

This data-driven and analytical approach enables CoDrive to provide detailed and personalized feedback on driving behaviors, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. With CoDrive, every driver can work towards enhancing their safety and efficiency on the road.