What is CoDrive

CoDrive functions as a sophisticated driver assistance system, inspired by the role of the navigator in rally racing. The app utilizes advanced technologies to enhance the safety and efficiency of every journey. Here’s an overview of how it works:

First, CoDrive analyzes the route selected by the driver. This includes identifying all the corners along the way, taking note of their specific characteristics such as curvature, slope, and difficulty category. This information is similar to the “notes” that a navigator prepares for a rally driver.

Our Algorithms

CoDrive incorporates three distinct patented algorithms, developed in collaboration with the Perceptive Robotics Laboratory of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa, that are absolutely unique in the industry.

Tested over 500,000 km worldwide

During the journey, CoDrive provides real-time assistance. As the driver approaches a corner, the app provides voice and visual guidance, just like a co-pilot would. These instructions include details about the upcoming corner, such as its category and difficulty level, allowing the driver to prepare adequately in terms of speed, steering, and vehicle position.

Improve your driving style

In addition, CoDrive monitors driving style in real time. It uses the vehicle's and phone's sensors to assess speed, acceleration, braking, and sudden swerving. This data is compared to ideal parameters for each corner and road condition. If the driving style deviates from the ideal parameters, CoDrive provides feedback that helps the driver correct their driving.

CoDrive also takes into account environmental conditions such as weather and visibility. In adverse conditions, the app adapts its guidance to ensure even safer driving, taking into account factors such as wet roads or poor visibility.

Assesses your driving and helps you improve

Finally, the app records all trip data, providing a detailed report at the end of each route. This report includes an assessment of driving style, highlighting areas of strength and suggesting improvements where needed.

In summary, CoDrive functions as a virtual co-pilot that guides drivers through unfamiliar or challenging routes, providing safe and personalized guidance based on rally racing experience and adapted to everyday driving conditions.