Helps you anticipate corners and lean better and safer

CoDrive is the tailored navigation app for motorcyclists seeking a safe and intuitive riding experience, adapted to the specific needs of two-wheeled riding. Designed with the unique challenges motorcyclists face every day in mind, CoDrive becomes your indispensable travel companion:

  1. Commuting Motorcyclists: For those who use their motorcycles daily, CoDrive provides clear directions and riding tips, helping you navigate safely through city traffic or on extra-urban roads.


  1. Road Trip Enthusiasts: If you love exploring new routes or enjoying long scenic rides, CoDrive provides not only directions but also suggestions for curves and road conditions, ensuring a pleasant and safe journey.


  1. Motorcycle Tourists: For those seeking adventure and new challenges, CoDrive becomes a reliable guide, providing the necessary information to tackle any type of road, from mountains to coastal paths.


  2. Experienced Motorcyclists: Even the most experienced riders will find CoDrive to be a valuable ally, thanks to its advanced features that allow them to prepare for every turn and adapt quickly to various riding conditions.


  3. Tech-savvy Riders: With Bluetooth connection options for helmet speakers and compatibility with HUD (head-up display) visors, CoDrive ensures that information is easily accessible without taking your attention away from the road.

CoDrive transforms every motorcycle ride into a safer and more enjoyable experience, bringing the thrill of racing directly to your handlebars. With CoDrive, every motorcyclist can enjoy a more aware, informative, and fun ride.

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