the idea

CoDrive's Innovation:
A Driving Assistant Inspired by the World of Rally

CoDrive’s algorithm is inspired directly by the beating heart of rally racing, where the navigator’s role is crucial to success. In this sport, the navigator, also known as the co-driver, performs two fundamental tasks: preparing “notes” on the track’s corners before the race and providing precise instructions to the driver during the competition.

Il tuo co-pilota personale

Sure, here is a translation of the text: This process has been transformed into a sophisticated digital algorithm with CoDrive. The app acts as an intelligent driving assistant, automatically creating these digital "notes" and providing the driver with timely warnings about the approach of each corner. This information includes the category of the corner, which is linked to its unique characteristics, such as the level of difficulty.

Knowing the category of the approaching corner allows the driver to prepare in advance and choose the correct steering angle, braking level, and the most appropriate time to accelerate. Thanks to CoDrive, any driver can tackle corners with the same precision and competence as a professional rally driver...

CoDrive transforms every journey into a dynamic and informative driving experience, bringing the expertise and adrenaline of rally racing directly to everyday roads, for a safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable drive.