CORIVE meets Forcite

CoDrive has created a verticalization of its algorithms for the “motorcycle” sector, certainly one of the most suitable to be able to benefit from the advantages that CoDrive technology allows.
Integrated camera, to record the route in real-time, analyze it to identify significant events (such as an obstacle or danger), record it in 1080p @ 60fps, transfer it for subsequent off-line use
An audio and communication system, which allows the helmet to interact (via Bluetooth) with the driver's smartphone, to receive calls, listen to music, receive voice instructions from the driver, etc...
An "array" of LED lights, integrated in the chin guard, capable of visually transferring useful information, including the most important or urgent road directions and events identified by the visual recognition system

The integration of the two technologies (Forcite and CoDrive) has made it possible to obtain an even more “smart” helmet, capable of providing indications of the next bend via both a voice message (for example: “attention, right hairpin bend in 100 meters ”), and visual (number of LEDs increasing according to the difficulty of the curve, colors of the LEDs that indicate its danger: red = maximum, green = not dangerous)