CoDrive Srl is an innovative startup (created in August 2021) that has successfully participated in the call of the Umbria Region so-called “Smart Up” (relative concessions provided by the POR FESR 2014-2020 Axis I – Action 1.3.1 in support of innovative startups), resulting one of the co-financed companies.

Project title:

Project ID: UPC (Unique Project Code) G45F21003130007

Code of Practice: 244597

Total expenditure allowed: € 330.000,00

Total contribution granted: € 150.308,77


Innovative satellite navigator which, in addition to displaying route information (“how to reach your destination in an optimal way”), also provides real-time information on the type of road section you are about to tackle (es.: medium difficulty right-hand bend, double left-hand bend, ecc.), such as the classic rally co-driver and related driving suggestions (es.: slow down for curve slow down for a dangerous curve to the right, the right that closes, ecc.) based on real-time comparison between the parameters of the current set-up ( position, speed, acceleration) and the optimal ones expected for the stretch being traveled (recommended speed, ecc.) contextualized to the current environmental conditions (es.: dry, light rain, heavy rain, fog, ice, ecc.). The accompanying backend processes, in post-processing, the data collected to also provide, in the final balance, information on driving behavior, useful – for driving control and the relative style of the driver for its profiling – in various areas (insurance, vehicle or fleet management and maintenance support, ecc.). Thanks to this, a strong reduction in the risk of accidents, a considerable saving in consumption (fuel / battery, wear, ecc.) and, consequently, lower emissions are obtained.